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A Little About Us

Weekly shows: GMC is a weekly infotainment tv show created by the TV Production program at Castaic High School.  Shows are prepped on Monday, filmed on Wednesday, completed by Friday, and aired the following Monday.  

GMC is made up of four levels of tv production: CTE Film/TV Production 1A/1B, CTE Film/TV Produciton 2A/2B, CTE Film/TV Portfolio, and CTE Film/TV Practicum.  Freshman through Seniors with prior video production experience are welcome to apply.  Students rotate positions every two weeks to provide an overview of all studio positions.  Positions include: hosts, tech directors, audio, editors, story producers, graphic designers, social media content creators, and podcasters. 

Pre-requisites to join GMC include:

  • Proven prior experience in video production as demonstrated through a portfolio of work

  • Successful completion of Video Production 1A/1B, and permission of our program director. 

Applications usually open around February/March for the following school year. If you are interested in applying for GMC, please contact Mr. Deuschle at


Our Studio


Our Studio Is Currently under construction 

Some of Our

STN Awards 

STN is the Student Television Network. This is a yearly convent as well as smaller completions throughout the year.  STN is Combined of students nationwide that are Film Makers, Story Tellers, Editors, and so much more.    


We place 1st place in the Commercial Fall National. We made it on a Ninja Blender. 

Congrats to Torrin and Zander 

Short Film

We placed 2nd in the STN Convention short film. The prompt was "DON'T LOOK BACK"
PROP: A METAL KEY. Congrats to the STN GMC Crew.

Convention Promo

We placed 2nd place in the Convention Promo for the 2022 STN Convention. The prompt was "THE STORY IS LIMITLESS". The Student had to film and produce the in 1 1/2 days. Congrats to Broden 

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